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Pharmacy 105, Cheboksari

ZAO Tagena Vitebsk (Belorussia)

Company Savlenko, Bryansk

Company Fito, Kazan

Company AVI-centr, Krasnoyarsk

Company Aptechniy sklad polimarket, Angarsk

Company Farmbios, Samara

Company Fito-farm, Vladimir

Company Floris, Uglich

Company Fito-farm NN, Nigniy Novgorod

Company Novomed, Minsk

Company Titan, Minsk

Company Orders-M, Riga

Company Fabric Farmadon, Rostov

Company Rubicon, Saratov

Company Aziamed Alma-Ata

Company Lara-Farm, Krasnoyarks

factory Altay-vitamini

Company Rostovskaya famacevticheskaya fabrica, Rostov

Company Gemita, Kishenev

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Kolorit Group Limited is a rapidly developing company engaged in Pharmaceutical markets of Western Europe, Asia and Northern America.

The priority of our business is production of empty hard gelatin capsules.

Production facilities are situated in the province Zhejiang, China. This province is broadly known as the historical area of capsule production in China.

Hard gelatin capsule production is started here since 1856, this territory is facilitated with excellent environment conditions, pure water and air, acceptable temperature amplitude, which encourages most capsules` producers to move production here.

Kolorit Group Limited and Zhejiang Yili Capsules Co., Ltd. Jointly established and developed Zhejiang Yili-Meike Capsule Co., Ltd., the factory entirely designed and structured according to Good Practice Management Standards.

Nowadays enterprise capitalization reaches 75 million US Dollars, that constantly growing. The factory covers 35.000 m2, production facilities occupy 6.000 m2 of Clean Rooms with 9 production lines manufactured in Canada. Each production stage is controlled in up-to-date laboratories, equipped with high precision laboratory instruments.

The policy of our enterprise is to provide our consumers with high quality products, so all the materials, including: raw materials, auxiliary materials, packing materials, etc., undergo enter rigid control.

All the specialists of our company are strictly obliged to pass half-a-year qualification assessment. To cope with new technological inventions and keep a finger on the pulse of rapidly developing pharmaceutical market our specialists take part in international scientific conferences and symposiums.

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