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Kolorit Group Limited manufacturing operations rely on sophisticated, and often automated, monitoring systems to achieve high levels of liquid gelatin consistency when producing empty gelatin capsules.

The primary raw material, gelatin, is commonly used in a number of food-grade applications. However, for proper capsule formation, only pharmaceutical-grade gelatin is utilized in KOLORIT`s gelatin capsules, enabling KOLORIT capsules to meet all worldwide Pharmacopoeia standards. The formation of the empty capsule shape itself utilizes a precision-machined set of molds, to which the liquid gelatin adheres, forming both the cap and body sections of the gelatin capsule. High-speed machinery assure that the gelatin shell layers are removed cleanly from the molds and then joined, printed, and packed under stringent manufacturing controls.

State of the art, in-process monitoring systems further ensure that capsule quality remains consistently high. Regular trials on high-speed filling machines add another "real world" dimension to our rigorous quality assurance program.

Contact Us to learn more about any of our capsule products. sales@kolorittm.ru

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